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Trust An IICRC Tech To Clean Up When Flooding Occurs

Flood waters bring more than just costly cleanup bills. They also bring contamination from any number of sources, including sewage, animal carcasses, insects and more. And bacteria is only the beginning. If standing water is allowed to remain pooled in your basement or other parts of your home for even a short length of time, you run the risk of developing mold and mildew. The only safe way to completely eradicate the damage done by flooding is to hire an IICRC restoration team for emergency water removal. Read More 

Stormwater Damaged Your Enclosed Back Porch? Dry It With These Tips

If stormwater floods into your enclosed back porch and soaks through the untreated wooden posts and frames that support it, you will need to restore the room fast to prevent mold and wood rot. When stormwater soaks through soft materials, such as untreated wood, it releases pollutants, chemicals and acids that break them down. Even if the wood dries, it sustains permanent damage that places your back porch at risk for collapsing and termites if you don't take additional steps to secure it. Read More