5 Times You Should Call A Water Damage Restoration Professional

Most people who need water damage restoration don't plan for it. They may not ever think that they will even need help to repair the water damage or to get rid of mold and mildew.

Regardless, many people do end up in need of water damage restoration. Unsure if you need it? These are some of the situations in which you might need to call a professional.

Storm Damage

Storm damage can be an indicator you should call a water damage restoration expert. Storms, including thunderstorms and hail, can cause flooding and damage to roofs and other parts of your home. Whether a storm flooded your basement or the wind and hail caused a hole in your roof and damaged your attic, a professional can help you.

Basement Floods

Basements flood for a variety of reasons. Your basement may flood because of a sump pump issue, a leaking pipe, or because a nearby flood impacted your home. No matter the reason why your basement began to flood, a professional can remove the water and repair the damage it may have caused. In these cases, the impact can include the development of mold and mildew, for example.

Sewer Issues

Sewage issues also prompt a call to a water damage restoration. You should get in touch with a pro if you have a leak or backup from your sewer, for example. You want to have a pro handle these issues because they can pose health risks. For example, you may have human waste that comes up with the water, which prompts a serious approach to the matter.

Post-Fire Flooding

If your house recently caught on fire, firefighters may have used water to put it out. While this may have saved your house, the truth is that it can also lead to water damage. Water damage professionals have experience dealing with these types of issues.

Appliance & Pipe Leaks

When a washer has an issue that leads to water flowing over your floor or a pipe breaks in your wall, your home can experience water damage. Even a small bit of water in your home can cause damage, so the amount of water need not matter.

If you have experienced any of these situations, you might not be sure who to call. A water damage restoration and repair professional is an option to manage these issues. Call a professional today to repair your home.