Taking Care Of Your Vacuum

If you own have kids or pets, you probably put a lot of miles on your vacuum. Many people rely on this household appliance every day but neglect to learn how to take care of it. Did you know your vacuum requires more regular care in addition to dumping of the contents of the canister? Taking care of your vacuum will allow it to work better and last you longer before you need to have it replaced. Here are three ways you should care for your vacuum regularly:


Most vacuums have filters that need to be hand washed or replaced every few months. Some homeowners have owned a vacuum for years without realizing it has a filter. When you don't clean the filter you can have it leak debris and it will shorten the life of the appliance.  Clean air filters are necessary for better air flow. You need air to be moving freely to help suction stay powerful to clean your floors. If you have a washable filter you can soak it in water with a mild detergent and gently scrub. The filter must be completely dry before you put it back into the vacuum. If you need to replace a filter consult your owner's manual to know what model to buy and call a vacuum repair business to find parts.

Washing the Canister

You should take care of your vacuum by washing the canister regularly. You most likely dump the canister out and reload it to continue the job. However, if you take the time to soak and scrub the canister, the locking mechanisms and seals will last longer. Dirt and debris can cause issues when they become lodged between latches and seals. Soaking the canister is a great way to get rid of sticky surfaces and stinky smells too.

Washing the Hose

Sometimes we vacuum things we shouldn't like liquid and sticky messes. A vacuum hose can become clogged with this type of build up and cause other issues for the vacuum. Read your owner's manual and learn how to detach the hose so you can soak it in a bathtub. A gentle cleanser in a tub filled with warm water can help you get the hoses clean and clear again. Soak your tool attachments while your at it too!

Doing these simple things will help you keep your vacuum in better condition. If you ever suspect bigger issues or need a replacement part, find a vacuum restoration shop for vacuum cleaner repairs.