5 Truck Components That Towing A Trailer Puts Stress On

While towing a trailer may put a lot of stress on your truck, it may be a necessary part of accomplishing everyday work tasks for your commercial ventures.

By being aware of which vehicle systems towing a trailer will put stress on, you can keep these systems properly maintained to avoid malfunctions, safety hazards, and inefficiencies. The following are five major truck components that you need to take special care to maintain if towing a trailer is an important part of operations for your company.

1. The transmission

Towing puts stress on the transmission because the transmission has to work harder than usual to pull the extra weight. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do with trucks used for towing to reduce transmission wear from frequent towing. It's a good idea to have a transmission cooler installed on your vehicle to help your transmission deal with the added heat in transmission fluid from towing. One of the biggest problems with transmission wear is transmission overheating. A transmission cooler can reduce or eradicate this problem.

2. The brakes

While the transmission is stressed from towing when the vehicle is accelerating, the brakes are stressed from added trailer weight during braking. If brakes are excessively worn, they may not be able to stop a truck and trailer setup quickly enough and may cause severe safety hazards like jackknifing. 

Brakes on a truck used for towing can be kept in optimal shape by keeping speeds down. Lower speeds are especially important when the truck is being driven downhill.

3. The cooling system

The engine on a vehicle will need to work harder and create more power to pull the heavier loads that a trailer contains. Therefore, the risk of overheating is higher.

This means that a truck's coolant system and radiator need to be in optimal condition to avoid problems. Make sure that your coolant level doesn't get too low and ensure that cooling fans are working properly and don't require new fuses.

4. The tires

Tires help a vehicle to brake. They also help to control a vehicle and optimize handling out on the roads. Higher weights put greater stress on the tires and could cause tire tread to wear down prematurely. A blowout in a truck that is pulling a trailer is very dangerous. Therefore, it's always important to ensure that truck tires are inflated to the proper pressure.

5. The suspension

A truck used for towing could definitely benefit from heavy duty shock absorbers and springs being added to the suspension system. This will prevent sagging and help to support the trailer load, resulting in a more controlled ride.

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