Roof Damage & Filing An Insurance Claim

Are there soggy areas in the ceilings of your house that leaks water when it rains outside? Have you also noticed that exterior air gets into your house via the roof? The problems that your roof has is placing the safety of everyone in your house at risk, as it can cave-in and cause serious injuries. You must be prepared for the possibility of your roof having to be replaced, but your home insurance provider might cover the expenses if it is in your policy. Learn more about replacing your damaged roof with financial assistance from your home insurance provider by reading the information below.

Consult with a Roofer About the Damage

Consulting with a roofer about the extent of damage is an important step towards getting it repaired. He or she will conduct an inspection of the roof, as well as the ceilings and walls in your house to determine how severely they were affected by the roof damage. You might actually have to temporarily relocate until the roof has been repaired if the damage is severe enough. The roofer can document everything that he or she finds wrong. You will also be told if the roof can be repaired, or if you will need another one to be constructed due to the extent of deck damage.

Give Your Home Insurance Provider Evidence

When going through the process of filing a claim with your home insurance provider, you will be asked for evidence of the roof damage. It is also possible that the insurance company will send one of their agents to your house to assess the damage. No matter what, it is important for you to get the roof inspected by a professional on your own. The reason why is so you can ensure that you are compensated fairly for the repair expenses. Keep copies of all of the evidence that you provide to your insurance provider.

Promptly Get the Roof Repairs Done

Don't wait until the insurance company approves your claim before the repairs begin on the roof. It is possible that providing proof of your home insurance coverage will be good enough for a professional roofer to begin making the repairs. It is wise to research various roofing material types to get an idea of the type you want for your house. However, check with the Homeowners Association (HOA) for your neighborhood to make sure there aren't any rules in place in regards to getting a new roof before choosing a new material type.  

For more information, contact your local residential roof replacement service.