Three Things To Know About Waterproofing Your Basement

If you have recently noticed that the basement of your home is prone to collecting water, you may need to take steps to waterproof the basement so that you can mitigate the damage that this water can cause. While basement waterproofing is a fairly routine upgrade for homeowners to make, there are some basic concerns that homeowners will often ask before they make a decision about using these services for their homes.

Will Waterproofing The Basement Always Eliminate Stale Or Musty Odors?

One problem that moisture in the basement can cause will be a foul musty odor to develop. This smell can be extremely difficult to remove, and it may become strong enough to be noticed in other areas of the home. While waterproofing the basement can help to eliminate the source of this problem, it may not always be the only solution that is needed. If your basement also has poor ventilation, this can also lead to these odors develop. For this reason, you may want to improve the ventilation at the same time that you have the waterproofing work done.

Will You Need To Move Your Items Out Of The Basement?

Prior to the arrival of the waterproofing contractors, it is important for you o remove all of your items from the basement. In order to thoroughly waterproof this area, the contractors will need to apply a coating to the walls and floors that will stop water from seeping through. If you leave items in the basement, these professionals will need to take the time to move them before they will be able to start their work. This can add to the cost of the waterproofing project along with the time that will be needed to complete this upgrade.

Will Waterproofing The Basement Require Structural Changes To The Home?

While much of the waterproofing process will involve applying sealants to block water, there may also be instances where sump pumps need to be installed. These pumps will remove any water that seeps into the basement before it will be able to flood this area of the house. Luckily, the installation of these pumps is fairly minor, but it may require installing piping to allow the pumped water to drain away. In addition to these changes to the basement, you may also need to make fairly minor changes to the exterior of your home. Installing a drain system around the property can help to move water away from the house so that it will not be able to seep into the basement.

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