3 Reasons Your Boat Won’t Start

When you want to spend a day in the water, you don't want anything to get in your way. Whether you're heading out for a day of fishing or just a relaxing day on the boat with family, when your boat doesn't start up this is always a problem. When the engine of a boat doesn't crank, there doesn't always have to be a major issue taking place; sometimes it's a minor problem. Learn some of the reasons why your boat won't start.

No Gas

One of the leading reasons why a boat might not start is that it's out of gas. Obviously, the vessel needs fuel to power the engine, and when there is no fuel, the engine won't power, and you'll find yourself stuck. 

To avoid this issue, always ensure you leave at least a small amount of fuel in the tank after you finish using the boat or keep a small fuel can on you.

Gas Vent Open

Near the area where you insert fuel into your tank is a gas vent. Boat engines are designed to shut down the engine if this vent is closed. So, if this is the situation you're dealing with, you may be able to get the boat to start up, but it will repeatedly turn off after a few moments. In many instances, you can manually open and close the vent. 

But if your boat has been parked some time, it may have been accidentally closed while in storage. 

Clogged Filter

The engine in a boat operates very much like the engine in your car in that it has no tolerance for dust, dirt and other debris particles. If an excessive amount of these particles get inside the engine, it causes the oil to get dirty, which first lowers the engine's performance and eventually causes it to fail. 

The filter is charged with the task of keeping these particles out, but when you fail to change the filter routinely, an excessive amount of these particles build up on the filter and create a clog.  Since the problem is progressive, you might not be experiencing any issues one day, and then one day you look up, and the boat won't turn on. Change the filter to eliminate this problem.

You can avoid an issue like these by making regular maintenance a priority. However, in the event of a problem with your boat, make sure you take it to a marine repair professional.