Why Choose Upholstery Services Over Replacement?

Your furniture has seen better days. When you look around your living room, dining room or any other space in your home, you start to think that swapping your older pieces for new ones is the way to go. Here's where upholstery services come in.

Replacing all of your furniture, or even just key pieces can get pricey. You might start with one chair, but then need to move on and match it to a sofa and ottoman. As the process goes on, your new furniture picks start adding up.

If your home needs a spring refresh (or for any other season), take a look at why you might want to consider a repair and restoration service over a full replacement.

Sentimental Value

The upholstered dining room chairs that your grandmother handed down to you have meaning. They're more than just décor pieces, and that makes you want to hold onto them.

Even though you appreciate the sentimental value in the chairs, the upholstered seats and backs have tears, runs and are covered by a patchwork of materials that aren't anywhere near being current.

Instead of trashing the chairs, having them repaired or reupholstered means you can keep them while enjoying the view.

Pet Wear

Pets are notorious for ruining upholstered furniture. Cats scratch sofa arms and dogs chew on cushions or leave behind special surprises (and not in a good way) that stain fabric. If you have pets, the chances are that you need a furniture restoration service.

From small snags that can grow into major problems as time goes by to upholstery that's worn, chewed or scratch through, a repair and restoration job can restore your pet-worn furniture to its original beauty. This service is perfect for pet owners who have cats and dogs that have recently made it out of the destructive kitten and puppy stages.

Fire and Water Damage

A small house fire may not ruin all your belongings. But it can leave behind the scent of smoke and plenty of charring. If the 'bones' of your furniture (such as the frame of your couch or the wooden part of a chair) are intact, an upholstery restoration service can remove the damaged areas and replace them with fresh new materials.

The same type of restoration process also applies to water-logged furniture. Even after drying couches or chairs, you may notice stains and smells coming from your prized pieces. If water damage is a problem, reupholstering your furniture can restore these items to their original glory.

Why waste your money on new furniture when you can repair it? Upholstery services provide an easy option for recovering and reviving old, worn, torn or damages furniture that you want to hold onto. For more information, contact a company like Bob Arkus Custom Upholstery Inc.