3 Things That You Should Know About Lead Paint Before Doing Renovations

There are many problems with hazardous materials in older homes that you will have to deal with when doing renovations. You may have to deal with materials like asbestos or lead paint, and even water damage problems that have caused serious mold problems. Testing and removal of lead paint is something that will need to be done before you do major renovations to your home. Here are some of the things that you should know about lead paint before you begin with your renovations:

1. The Dangers and Hazards of Lead Paint in Your Home

Lead paint is a hazardous material that can cause many health problems. It is especially dangerous for small children, that may put things in their mouths and can get lead poisoning. It is not only the lead paint chips that can cause problems with lead exposure, but dust and particles are also a hazard that you will want to eliminate from your home.

2. When You Need to Get Old Paint Tested for Containing Lead

The old layers of paint in your home could be a hidden cause of lead exposure to you and your family. Houses that were built before the 1980s may contain lead paint, which is not something that you can obviously see. The lead paint is often buried under layers of paint and needs to be professionally removed. It can be on things like wood trim, metal railings and other materials that need regular painting as part of routine maintenance. You will want to have anywhere with layers of old paint tested to see if it contains lead.

3. The Different Options for Having Lead Paint Removed from Your Home

Once you have had your home tested for lead, the next step will be to have the paint removed. You will want to have this done by a professional service that will remove the layers of old paint and dispose of it properly. Talk with the abatement contractor about the different options for removal if you need to have the paint removed. If you are doing renovations, it may be best to remove and replace materials with lead paint entirely to ensure your family is not exposed to lead.

These are some of the things that you want to know about dealing with lead paint before doing renovations to your home. Contact a lead paint abatement service to help with testing and removal of paint for your renovation project. 

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