3 Ways To Keep Your Boiler In The Best Possible Condition

One of the most important steps you can take when you have a boiler in your home or facility is to take steps to keep it in the best possible condition, mostly because replacing even some of the smaller boilers on the market can be extremely expensive. Listed below are three ways to keep your boiler in the best possible condition:

Keep The Building Warm In The Winter

One of the easiest ways to your boiler in great condition is to keep the building warm in the winter. It is absolutely vital that you leave your heater running at least at a low setting all winter long, even at night, in order to make sure that the interior of the facility does not get cold enough to freeze your boiler.

In addition, make sure that you leave the heat running even when you are going out of town or if your facility is going to be closed for several days due to a holiday. This is because once your boiler freezes, it can be really time-consuming to get it to thaw out and function again and the freezing process can actually cause permanent damage that will require you to replace the boiler entirely.

Take Steps To Protect The Condensate Pipe

Another important step to take in order to keep your boiler in the best possible condition is to take steps to protect the condensate pipe. The condensate pipe is typically located outside of your home or facility and is usually one of the first parts of the boiler to actually freeze.

One easy way to protect condensate pipe is to hire a contractor to actually wrap the pipe in some form of insulating sleeve or material. If this proves to be insufficient due to how cold your area gets, consider having the contractor reroute the pipe so that you condensate pipe is located within the building where it is easier to keep it warm.

Run The Heating System Periodically

Finally, in order to keep your boiler in the best possible condition, you will want to run the heating system periodically, even throughout the spring and summer. The reason for this is that debris can actually build up in your boiler pump, which can greatly affect the performance of your boiler and can cause unnecessary wear and tear. However, by running your heating system periodically in order to activate the boiler throughout the spring and summer, you can prevent a lot of that debris from building up and can clear any debris that has already built up.

Contact an industrial boiler repair service or contractor today in order to discuss what steps you can follow in order to keep the boiler in good condition and to have a professional inspect your boiler. In order to keep your boiler in the best possible shape, try to keep the building warm throughout the winter, take steps to protect the condensate pipe, and run your heating system periodically even during the spring and summer