Need A Sandblaster To Remove Corrosion? Types Of Sandblasting Machines And Using Them Safely

If you have a lot of metal surfaces that have corrosion, a sandblaster can get the corrosion off and make these surfaces look brand new again. A sandblaster is a piece of equipment that forcibly propels abrasive material against a metal surface under high pressure. Below is some more information about different types of sandblasting machines, as well as tips on using the equipment safely.

Types of Sandblasting Machines

When you start shopping for a sandblasting machine you will see there are different types. There are portable machines that work great if you need to move the machine to different areas often. There are also large stationary sandblasters that you often see on factory floors. You will find pressure pot sandblasters, which is a powerful sandblaster that blasts material at a fast rate. Siphon sandblasters are also available. They are not as powerful as a pressure pot so they are used on smaller surfaces with less corrosion.

You can also use different materials with the sandblaster. Sand is often used but it can be hazardous for your health. Because of this, things like corn grit, baking soda, pumice, dry ice, steel shot, walnut shell grit, and glass beads can be used as the blasting material.

Sandblasting Machine Safety

Sandblasting can be a dangerous job, which is why you have to take steps to ensure everyone stays safe while using the equipment.  One safety feature the sandblasting machine you buy should have is a pressure gauge. This will monitor the internal pressure and will automatically shut off the sandblasting machine if the pressure gets too high.

All users of this equipment should wear safety glasses just in case any of the blasting materials sprays out. Masks should also be worn over the face to protect the lungs from the sandblasting materials. There are helmets you can buy for this purpose. These helmets provide the wearer with a continuous stream of dry, clean filtered air. They also have inline air filters that will remove odors, particulates, and oil from the air before the operator breathes it in. The employees should have no skin exposed to prevent burns and cuts from projectile blasting materials. Another safety feature to look for when buying your sandblasting equipment is that they have a built-in vacuum which recycles the blasting materials.

Talk with a sandblasting equipment salesperson to learn much more about them. They can help you choose the right equipment for you.