Trust An IICRC Tech To Clean Up When Flooding Occurs

Flood waters bring more than just costly cleanup bills. They also bring contamination from any number of sources, including sewage, animal carcasses, insects and more. And bacteria is only the beginning. If standing water is allowed to remain pooled in your basement or other parts of your home for even a short length of time, you run the risk of developing mold and mildew. The only safe way to completely eradicate the damage done by flooding is to hire an IICRC restoration team for emergency water removal.

What Is IICRC?

IICRC is an acronym for the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. Founded in 1972, the organization is dedicated to maintaining high standards of excellence when it comes to cleaning up after disaster. Built upon the five values of respect, responsibility, integrity, excellence, and expertise, it's an internationally recognized organization whose members are considered cleaning and restoration experts. 

When it's time to clean carpets, decontaminate drywall, check for structural damage, prevent the growth of mold, and thoroughly clean and seal items that have been compromised by flood waters, it's an IICRC tech who will know exactly what to do and how important it is to do it quickly.

Why You Need an IICRC Technician

While it's true that nearly anyone, including the homeowner, can remove water and clean up after flooding, only an IICRC tech has the advanced training needed to make your home safe again. An IICRC tech knows how to perform the specialized services needed:

  • Safe handling of back-flow and contamination
  • Extraction of excessive liquid
  • Preventing bacterial growth
  • Determining if a structure has been compromised

IICRC techs also have access to specialized equipment that would be costly and unreasonable for a homeowner to rent or buy -- enhanced drying systems, mold remediation tools, and tools that measure moisture. 

A lot of bad things can happen if flood water isn't properly and thoroughly removed from your home as quickly as possible. Your family can develop allergies and asthma that will make them seriously ill. They can catch infections from bacteria in the water or run the risk of shock or electrocution from submerged power sources. Some threats can remain a danger even years after the cleanup has commenced if it wasn't done properly. Unnecessary risks like these are why you need to call in an IICRC professional at the onset of cleanup.

How to Hire an IICRC Technician

An easy way to identify an IICRC tech is to look for the official uniform logo. It's a badge of honor among those in the cleaning and restoration fields. If you're not sure -- ask. The work performed by an IICRC specialist is guaranteed to be high quality. If your restoration team is led by someone who possesses a certification, you'll have the peace of mind that comes from hiring an expert. 

Damage from flooding, burst water pipes, and sewage back-up can be devastating to the homeowner and to anyone who lives in the home that was affected. Along with the dangers to physical health and to the possible structure of the home comes the emotional toll this type of major disaster takes. It's difficult to know where to begin when the damage seems overwhelming. But if you trust the cleanup to those who are specially trained to perform it, it will become much more manageable.

Don't make the mistake of trying to tackle emergency water removal on your own. It's a task that must be left to professionals if you're to restore the safety and structural integrity of your home. It's your family's future at stake, make sure you take the measures needed to keep them safe by hiring a IICRC specialist to drive the project home. 

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